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Technical Sales Partner

Serving Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana

    • Gas Purification

      Bulk and Point of Use Gas Purification

    • Innovative Gas Handling Solutions

      Big or Small, We Have It All

    • Leak Detection Solutions

      High Tech Leak Detectors & Instruments

    • Vacuum Systems Specialists

      Ultra High Vacuum Components

    • Innovative Gas Generation Solutions

      Improved Safety with Onsite Hydrogen Generation

TCS Sales Company specializes in:

  • Vacuum chambers, valves and fittings from Nor-Cal Products
  • Helium leak detectors and test chambers from Laco Technologies
  • Vacuum gauges and controllers from InstruTech
  • High-purity gas cabinets, panels, VMB’s, pig tails and components from SilPac
  • Gas purifiers from SAES Pure Gas
  • Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Zero-Air generators from Proton Onsite

We are the ones to call whether you need a UHV vacuum chamber or control valves from Nor-Cal Products, a leak detection system from Laco Technologies, or vacuum gauges or controllers from InstruTech.